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Sports Trivia

25 Little-Known Facts About Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball is America's pastime. Are you a fan, though? Even if you are, here are 25 little-known facts you probably never knew about the sport.
Can We Guess Your Favorite NFL Team?
By taking a look at how you prepare for a game and who your favorite players of all time are at some key positions, we think we can name the pro team you pull for.
Can You Answer These Questions a Golf Expert Should Know?
The game of golf is one of the most ancient sports on the planet. It is a pastime for many people all over the world. But just how much do you actually know about the sport? Let's test you and see.
Can We Guess Which NFL Team You Grew Up Watching?
Growing up, we all had our favorite NFL team. Do you think we can guess yours? Get started with this quiz and find out!
Which British Football Club Would You Play For?
Put on your shin guards and make your goal scoring dreams come true! Carry on with this quiz, and we'll tell you exactly which British soccer team you should be on!
Can You Get More Than 11 Right On This 80s Wrestling Stars Quiz?
Get back in the ring and prove your worth by taking this 80s wrestling superstars quiz. Will you tap out from the pressure, or get it in a headlock and make it scream for mercy? Take it and find out!
Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Which Sport You Played in High School
Did you score touchdowns or field goals in high school? After you answer these yes or no questions, we'll take our best guess about the letter you put on your jacket!
Can We Guess Your Favorite College Football Team?
Whether you went to the school or grew up in the state, everyone has a favorite college football team. Take this quiz and see if we can guess yours!
Can You Name the MLB Team from a Photo of Its All-Time Home Run Leader?
Goodbye Mr. Spalding! Hit it out of the park in this quiz where you need to guess which MLB franchise a baseballer is the leading home run hitter for. Good luck!
97% of People Don't Know Which Record These Baseball Players Broke. Do You?
Baseball is a game of stats and records. Those who break the records are immortalized in fame whether the record last 10 years or 100. Can you guess which records these players broke from their image?
Build Your Dream NBA Team, And We'll Guess How Much of a Risk Taker You Really Are
Are you crunching the numbers and comparing the statistics to come up with your best team, or are you more likely to trust your gut and focus on the chemistry of your squad?
Do You Love Baseball? We Bet You Can't Name All of These Famous Players from the '90s!
Batter up! Let's see if you can send Mr. Spaulding into the bleachers with this simple identity quiz. Your baseball knowledge of the 1990s will help see you through.
Think You Can Ace This MLB Legends Quiz?
Only fans, now, wait, superfans, know enough to get even halfway through this quiz. Prove to us that you're one of them with this quiz.
Can You Name These Professional Sports Teams from a Logo?
Professional sports teams get us through rough winters, hot summers, and lazy weekends as our favorite players clash for championship titles. But, can you identify these teams from a logo? Take this quiz to find out!
Only 1 in 27 People Can Match the Pro Wrestler to His Archenemy. Can You?
Wrestling is a popular sport worldwide, and its participants entertain with their high-flying moves and ongoing feuds. But can you match a wrestler to his archenemy?
92% of People Can't Name These Cy Young Award Winning Pitchers from a Photo. Can You?
Baseball might be the great American pastime, but can you identify some of the greatest pitchers who ever stepped onto the mound? Take our quiz to see how many you can name!
Name These Classic 1980s Wrestling Stars from an Image in 7 Minutes
As wrestling received more mainstream coverage in the 1980s, the superstars who put their bodies on the line become extremely popular. But could you name them by looking at a single image?
Can You Name History's Greatest Soccer Players From A Photo
From Pelé to Maradona, Beckham to Messi - many of soccer's legendary players have been treating fans to the very best of the game throughout the decades. If you're a devoted fan of the sport, do you think you can name each of these soccer greats from a photo? Get on the ball and let's find out!
Can You Name These Masters Champions from an Image?
The Masters Championship is one of four major golf championships. Do you think you can name these Masters winners from an image? Take this quiz to find out!
Can You Identify the Winners of the PGA Heritage Golf Tournament from an Image?
Some of the best golfers of all time have clinched the trophy at the annual PGA Heritage tournament. Think you can recognize them all? Take our quiz to find out!