How Well Do You Know Classic American Muscle Cars?

By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Sicnag/sv1ambo via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

I want muscles! You'll be begging for more once you get an eyeful of all the glorious muscle cars in this quiz!

Muscle cars have been around since the 1940s, but the term did not come about until the 1970s. While there is no real consensus as to which car holds the distinction of being the very first muscle car, there is no denying that the category contains some of the most stunning and powerful cars ever built.

From 2-door to 4-door, from coupes to convertibles, there is a classic muscle car out there to tickle each person's fancy. Can you spot them based on the maker or can you tell them apart just by knowing the year? Whichever way you do it, get zooming into the quiz and flex your knowledge of muscle cars to impress us all!

Whether you are a fan of the really old classics or the modern classics are more up to your speed, we've got a range of muscle cars here that is sure to impress every muscle car fan!

It's true, only the most devoted muscle car aficionado will get all of these correct. We are willing to bet, however, that you won't do too shabbily at all! Prove us right - start the quiz!

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