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Love & Sex

React to These Terms of Endearment and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
Hello, milady! Oh, you don't like being called "milady"? What about "babe," "lover," "princess" or "boo"? Tell us which terms of endearment give you the shivers and we'll guess whether you're coupled up, single or constantly checking your phone for texts from you-know-who!
Does Your Partner Find You Attractive?
Some relationships seem like they come right out of a storybook. Other ones are a little more like a horror movie. A few are like a math textbook. They all need some attraction to work though. So is your partner attracted to you? Let's find out!
How Woke Are You in Bed?
In the modern era, our understanding of consent has broadened, and while expectations of proper behavior are very high, so are the rewards and the possibilities. Let's see just how woke you are in the bedroom!
Fill In the Blanks and We’ll Guess When You First Got Laid
Sexual intercourse sounds like a sophomore elective, but it's a lot more serious, and your experience the first time can have a lasting impact on relationships, self-image and even your health. Fill in the blanks on this quiz and we'll guess when you lost your virginity!
Respond to These Random Situations and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With
Everybody has a number, but not everybody wants to share it! To play this quiz, you don't need to tell us how many people you've slept with. All you have to do is answer some random questions and we'll guess what your number is!
Build Your Dream Life and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
Use those wings of yours and fly with this dream-like quiz, which will put your imagination to the test! If you're ready to build your ideal life, then we're ready to use that insight to guess if you're single or taken!
Tell Us About Your TV Preferences and We'll Guess How Many People You've Kissed!
When it comes to television, it is very rare that a series doesn't have a romantic storyline involved in one way or another. Let's see if we can guess how many people you've kissed based on your taste in television shows.
Make a McDonald’s Order and We'll Guess When You'll Find True Love
The key to your heart may lie in your taste in McDonald's burgers, drinks and side items. Take us on a culinary tour through your sweet and savory McDonald's favorites so we can determine when that special someone will catch your eye!
The Love Compatibility Quiz
When the initial sparks fly away, you need compatibility for a relationship to last. Are you and your partner compatible, or are you concerned about how everyone keeps saying how different the two of you are? Let's solve this puzzle!
This In-Depth Personality Test Could Show What Type of Girl You Attract
Some ladies are as mysterious as the stars in the sky, but we're going to be your guardian angel with this relationship quiz! Tell us how you would behave in your ideal relationship, and we'll tell you what types of girls are attracted to you.
What Kind of Person Wants to Snuggle Up to You?
Lazy Sundays are the perfect time to reconnect with your partner with a snuggle fest! Don't have anyone? Don't fear, our relationship experts have created a quiz to see what kind of snuggle buddy you should have!
Go Shopping for a Romantic Night in and We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With
Romantic evenings are a fun and intimate way to play games, watch movies and cuddle with that special someone. But such evenings may also call for a shopping list of food and decorations, and that's where you come in!
Can We Guess If Your Partner Is Older or Younger Than You?
Are you robbing the cradle or riding along on the back of your sweetheart's Segway? Give us all the intimate details of your relationship, and we'll know if you are longer in the tooth than your partner! Or, are they the one with dentures?
This Gemstone Test May Reveal What Kind of Lover You Are
Stones tend to seem cold and hard, but do you think they can reveal any of the fire within you? We think so! If you want to know what kind of lover you truly are, take the quiz and see!
Is Your Boyfriend Holding You Back?
He's the love of your life - potentially, at least! - and he's meant to be fully committed to your wellbeing. But does he suffer from a rather limited view of what that includes?
This In-Depth Personality Test Could Show What Type of Guy You Attract
Love can be a tough puzzle to solve, but we've cracked the code with this relationship quiz. We're about to deep dive into some of your best personality traits to find out what makes guys swoon over you!
Tell Us If You've Eaten These Foods And We'll Guess How Many People You've Slept With
You're probably familiar with everyday dishes like roasted chicken, clam chowder and pepperoni pizza, but this quiz is all about exotic foods. If you've sampled foreign fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats, it's time for you to take this exotic foods quiz now!
Answer These Kinky Questions and We'll Guess Your Favorite Position
Can we guess your favorite type of sexual position? Would it be missionary, cowgirl, doggy style ... or something completely different? There's only one way to find out, and that's by answering these kinky questions!
Respond to These Innuendos and We’ll Guess When You First Got Laid
Who doesn't like innuendo? It's a fun bit of wordplay that gives everything you say a second layer of meaning. Respond to some innuendos and we'll even tell you when first got busy. It's not too hard, just take the quiz!
What Aura Is Drawn to You?
Think of your aura as your essence, the message your project into the world just by being. Everyone's aura colors can be slightly different, but there are general ones most people share. Take this quiz to find out what type of aura is drawn to you!