Can You Match These Literary Masters to Their Iconic Work?

By: Mark Laufgraben
Image: Wiki Commons/Gorup de Besanez via Wiki Commons

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Of all the many different arts that come together to make up the tapestry of culture, none is more human than writing. The written language is as old as civilization, and forms a critical bridge for bringing people together- not merely across the gulf of space and distance, but through time itself. Through the magic of the written word, our minds become the recipients of thoughts from other people from other places. We can live their lives and dream their dreams. It is an extraordinary gift, and the pinnacle of our art.

Here we have gathered a list of some of the greatest writers in all of human history. The places where their pens touch paper are magical: the words they craft are not mere temporal entertainments, but treasures to be valued for all time. They come to us from around the world, from every color and creed, bringing messages that echo down through the ages.

How much do you know about these writers? Can you recognize greatness when it sits in front of you? Be prepared to test your ability to discern the finest writing minds our world has to offer. Take a breath, turn the page, and go! 

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