Spelling Whiz Quiz

By Kelly Scott on January 30, 2018

About This Quiz

If your of the opinon that speling is inportent, than dont take this quez. If you're of the opinion that spelling is important, let's get started.

Some people think that because most modern technology comes complete with a spell check program, they don't need to really know the specifics of spelling. But just in case your spell check program doesn't catch every little error, or the zombie apocalypse comes, and you need to function without technology, it's a good idea to know how to spell correctly. 

Of course, we are of the opinion that even if your computer, phone, and tablet give you a heads up every time your spell a word incorrectly, you should be able to spell most words properly. We're not insisting that you be prepared to win the next Scripps Spelling Bee, just that you're savvy enough to make the grade with your spelling prowess.

So, if you know the difference between unfortunatly, unfortunatelly, and unfortunately as well as the difference between finallie, finally, and finaly, without using spell check, you might just be able to ace this quiz. If not, we suggest that you read a dictionary... seriously, bad spelling is a pet peeve of ours.

Think you can hang with the spelling bees? Let's get started.

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