Can You Identify These MechWarrior Mechs From An Image?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Piranha Games

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If you weren't sure, MechWarrior Online is a free-to-play online video game that was launched back in 2013. The video game takes place in a universe called the BattleTech, where players must assume the role of a MechWarrior who in turn has to pilot fighter vehicles called BattleMechs. These BattleMechs are stocked with weapons and other equipment that can be used in battles against other players in the Mech Warrior Online world. They've pretty much got everything short of a minibar on board.

So now that we've got that out of the way, we want to test your knowledge of the game's characters today. We want to know how well you know the Mechs that make up the BattleTech world. Did you know that Firestarter FS9-E is a Hero mech who has an impressive array of weapons and lots of energy? Can you identify Zeus by his army green exterior? Do you know that Gargoyle, an assault OmniMech, doesn't actually look like a stone creature? 

Do you play the game enough to name all the Mechs we're about to show you? Or will you fail miserably and have to go back to level one? Let's see how much you know about the characters in the BattleTech universe! 

This 25-ton Mech, of which there are five models, is used for both reconnaissance and close-range support for larger Mechs.

Similar to the Commando, the Firestarter Mech has five other variants and weighs only thirty-five tons.

The Raven is the head scout Mech which is equipped with jamming and sensory gathering technologies.

The Panther, of which there are three variants, is a light Inner Sphere Mech which is suitable for long range sniping.

The Javelin is a light Battlemech, which is designed to be the perfect blend of speed and firepower.

The Spider is a scout Mech, which, like its other models, has great speed, agility and jumping ability.

This medium-class Mech is typically fitted with missiles in the left torso, a laser mounted on its center torso, and additional weapons on its right arm.

This medium Mech, which is very quick and versatile, is used as a spotter for heavier Mechs or as a commander for light Mech companies.

The Nova is a medium-sized Clan OmniMech which is available in six specially modified variants.

The Wolverine Mech is considered to be a jack-of-all-trades due to a combination of mixed weaponry, speed and jump jets.

The Griffin is a 55-ton Inner Sphere Mech, which is usually used for long-range and hit-and-run attacks.

This multipurpose Mech is categorized as a medium Inner Sphere BattleMech which provides up-close and long-range firepower.

The Stormcrow is a medium Can OmniMech which is regarded as the fastest Mech due to a top speed of 97.2 km/h.

The Vindicator is a 45-ton medium class Mech which has a difficult time competing against Mechs in the 50-55 ton range.

This Inner Sphere BattleMech is listed as a heavy class Mech which was designed as a front-line combatant but experienced occasional heat issues.

This heavy OmniMech weighs 60 tons and is mainly used for indirect fire support and, occasionally, shorter ranged attacks.

The JagerMech, of which there are four variations available, is a support Mech which uses both medium- and long-range attacks.

This heavy, jump-capable BattleMech weighs 70 tons and uses most of its energy solely on weapons.

This heavy BattleMech is designed to be used in a variety of combat roles due to its combination of short- and long-range weaponry.

The Summoner, which is referred to as "Thor" by the Inner Sphere people, is a heavy class, 70-ton Clan OmniMech.

This second generation OmniMech has great speed and is equipped with a number of energy weapons and missiles.

Manufactured in 2491, this heavy assault Mech weighs 65 tons and has a top speed of 64.8 kph and no jumping capabilities.

This close-assault Mech, which has four model variations, was introduced by the Terran Hegemony in the year 2445.

King Crab is a powerful assault Mech which is designed for both medium- and long-range combats.

Mauler, an assault Inner Sphere BattleMech, is usually used for long-range attacks and is equipped with energy weapons in its arms.

This assault BattleMech weighs 90 tons, and is generally used as a control and command Mech.

The Gargoyle is a high-speed assault OmniMech which has a maximum speed of 81 km/h due to its 400 XL engine.

This assault OmniMech has tremendous firepower in comparison to its slow speed and slow turning rate.

This medium Mech was introduced in 2740 and is typically used for scouting and harassing due to its exceptional speed.

The Zeus is an Inner Sphere BattleMech which was designed to be an assault Mech and is capable of keeping up with the heavier Mechs.

Hellbringer is a multi-purpose OmniMech which is known for its offensive firepower rather than its defense.

Kintaro, which was first introduced in 2792, is a medium class Mech with five available variations and weighs 55 tons.

This Clan assault OmniMech, which has a maximum speed of 64.8 km/h, was invented in 2999 by the Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Mist Lynx is a light Clan OmniMech which has four model variations, all of which have a Clan Active Probe.

The Kodiak is a Clan Mech which is used for assault combat and doesn't have any available model variants.

This medium class BattleMech is described as slow and maneuverable with jump jets and four major lasers.

The Dragon, a heavy class Mech which is used for long-range attacks, was initially designed as a replacement for the Shadow Hawk.

This Clan OmniMech serves as a light combat Mech, and its variety of weapons makes up half of its weight.

The UrbanMech is a light Inner Sphere BattleMech which is used for both urban combat and defense purposes.

The BattleMaster is a versatile assault Mech which was initially introduced as part of the Project Phoenix collection.

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