Can You Name All of These NFL Quarterbacks from a Photo?

By: J.P. Naomi
Image: By Steve Jurvetson, via Wikimedia Commons

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Are you ready to take the snap, jog back a few steps and throw that game-winning Hail Mary pass?! It's time to see how well you know some of the greatest quarterbacks to have played in the NFL, and some of them still do! We'll show you a photo, and you give us the name. Think you're up for the challenge? Or will the play clock run out on you?! 

From Bart Starr to Tom Brady, from the Buffalo Bills to the Dallas Cowboys, quarterbacks and their teams have one goal all season long... to WIN. THE. SUPER. BOWL! One game at a time. One half at a time. One play at a time. 

And where does it all begin? With the quarterback! Sure everyone has to do their own part, that's why it's called a team. But the quarterback leads - with confidence - from the locker room to the huddle, calling out plays, calling out movements from the line of scrimmage - 52's the mike! And when the game clock runs out, only one team can win. Did you do enough? Did you motivate and lead your team well enough? Did... you... WIN!?

It's time to find out! Let's see how well you know these NFL quarterbacks! SET ... HUT, HUT, HUT!

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