Name These Classic Cars of the '50s

By: Bambi Turner
Image: Youtube via Lou Costabile

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Think you can tell the difference between a Coupe de Ville and a Corvette, or a Lincoln Continental and a Ford Galaxie? Know what some of the most memorable models produced by Nash, MG, DeSoto or Packard look like? Prove your knowledge of classic cars from the '50s with this quiz!

The '50s were a time of unprecedented prosperity in the U.S. The post-WWII boom meant Americans were flush with money. This economic optimism meant not only a baby boom, but also a rise in the growth of suburbia as families moved out of the cities seeking more space to raise their kids. 

The introduction of the Interstate Highway System in the '50s helped fuel a love affair with the open road that continues to this day. Cars of the decade got larger and larger, and many were equipped with trendy tail fins in a style that is now seen as characteristic of the period.

This decade is also known for car companies stretching the limits of possibility with futuristic concept or dream cars, as well as spectacular automotive failures like the Ford Edsel. Features like the overhead V8 engine, automatic transmission, power windows, seat belts and air conditioning started to become sought-after features during the decade, even as safety lagged well behind modern standards,

Consider yourself a '50s car connoisseur? Think you can name the most memorable cars of the decade from just a single image? Take our quiz to prove it!

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