Name These Classic 1980s Wrestling Stars from an Image in 7 Minutes

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Mshake3 at English Wikipedia via Wiki Commons

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The popularity of wrestling exploded in the 1980s with many franchises, particularly the World Wrestling Federation, securing television airtime which brought a range of varied stars right to the home of fans of the sport.

Which was your favorite?

The World Wrestling Federation, run by Vince McMahon, quickly became the leader in the sports entertainment field, as wrestling was dubbed. But as you know, it would not have been such a success without the multitude of wrestlers who fought in the squared circle. And the variety was simply astonishing. 

Some were over 7 feet tall and weighed over 500 pounds, others had fearsome finishing moves. Some were named after superheroes or simply thought they were the best at the sport and named themselves appropriately. Others had comedic personas that saw the crowd instantly on their side. And finally, many were cast as villains, intent on ensuring that the hero didn't win that precious belt.

But could you identify and name these '80s wrestling superstars from just an image? Yes, some are particularly easy, having become legends of the sport, yet others may test your wrestling knowledge to the limit.

So climb to the top turnbuckle and launch yourself to victory! 

Good luck!

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