Match the Fighter Jet to Its Nickname!

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Staff Sgt. Lee Corkran

About This Quiz

There is nothing quite like a fighter jet streaking across the sky, nearing supersonic speed!  

Of course, early fighter jets were not even that fast but they were an advancement on the piston-engined aircraft of the time. The Germans showed what a threat a jet fighter could be during World War II. They produced two separate models, one named the Swallow and the other Comet and together, they proved more than a match for the bombers of the US Air Force as well as any fighters they encounter.

Germany just could not build them fast enough to have any serious effect on turning the tide of the war. 

The German aircraft designers did introduce swept-wing designs which proved pivotal in the over modern jet fighter design. Soon everyone was copying it - the British, Americans and the Russians.

The first fighter jet on fighter jet action was reserved for the Korean War. Here two of the most modern aircraft of the time came up against each other, the Mig-15 and the North American F-86. It remained a shootout, though, as there were no air-to-air missiles yet. When those were introduced, the game changed and today, aircraft can destroy each other without any visual contact.

But let's get back to the quiz at hand. Here, we will test your knowledge of jet aircraft nicknames. Let's see how many you get!

Good luck!

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