How Well Do You Know the Leaders of WWII?

By: Torrance Grey
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War pushes humans to the extreme in their fight to survive not only the war, but also the world they seek to live in once the smoke has cleared. World wars are often studied and discussed, because everyone in the world was affected.

But this quiz isn’t here to just ask you any ol’ questions about WWII. We want to know how much you remember about the key players who helped make the major moves which triggered both failures and successes, and eventually peace.

One of those leaders was Rudolf Hess. Often forgotten as a WWII leader, due to the fact that his life and death were involved in espionage, Hess was Deputy Führer at the time, which was only behind Hermann Goering in succession in the Nazi regime. On May 10, 1941, Hess took a small Messerschmitt fighter-bomber from Rhine, across the North Sea. He was on his way to the Duke of Hamilton in the middle of the night. His plan? To meet with the Duke, who was rumored to be more willing to talk peace terms with Nazis. Unlike Churchill.

Before Hess made it there, he crash landed in Scotland, 12 miles from his destination. As the story goes, he was brought to meet the Duke; however the Duke gave Hess no hope. When Hess informed them that he had acted without Hitler’s orders on this peace quest, his “diplomatic respect” was revoked and he was taken prisoner. He spent 46 years as prisoner Number 7. He was the facility’s only prisoner for more than 20 years, before he committed suicide at age 93.

Hess was the only appointed Deputy Führer and history has yet to truly reveal why Hess took the risk he did. Had he truly acted on his own?

Since we know you don’t know the answer to that one, it’s time for you show us what you do know! And maybe after you complete the quiz, you might share your theory of the Rudolf Hess mystery!

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during the war?

Which prime minister led England for most of the war?

What year did Adolf Hitler ascend to the chancellorship of Germany?

Which British prime minister declared war on Germany?

What was Benito Mussolini's informal title?

Which Axis general was known as "the Desert Fox"?

Which leader gave the famous "we shall fight on the beaches ... we shall never surrender" speech?

What was the title of Japanese leader Hirohito?

Who was president in the US for most of the war?

Which of these wartime acts by FDR was later controversial?

Which leader was known for his "Great Purge"?

Who was Japan's prime minister at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack?

Who headed the Manhattan Project, which developed the A-bomb?

Which military leader went on to a very successful political career?

Which US military leader vowed "I shall return" about the Philippines?

Which military leader went on to become a key figure in the Korean war?

Which of these leaders was troubled by the "black dog" of depression?

Which of these was a gifted fencer in his youth?

Which of these civilians saved Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in factories?

Which of these Axis leaders was considered by his people the incarnation of a god?

On the home front, which filmmaker made "Why We Fight" propaganda films?

Who was president of the United States in the latter days of WWII?

King George VI took over the throne when his older brother ________.

Which of these leaders was stricken with polio but overcame it?

In his speech about the Pearl Harbor attack, FDR called December 7, 1941, " ... a date that will forever live in _______."

George VI was the father of which monarch?

Which leader quietly committed suicide over his role in an attempt to assassinate Hitler?

Which of these Germans actually carried the briefcase bomb in the July 20 attempt to assassinate Hitler?

Which military leader nearly lost a leg to an infection as a youth?

True or false: Did Adolf Hitler ever marry his lover, Eva Braun?

Which of these was hanged for war crimes after a tribunal?

What happened to fascist leader Benito Mussolini after the war?

Of what ailment did FDR die?

In which part of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin born?

Which of these struggled with a speech impediment?

Who was in charge of American forces at Normandy on D-Day?

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