Can You Name These Dog Breeds That Begin With The Letter 'A'?

By: Khadija L.
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According to the World Canine Organization (F.C.I.), one of the largest international federations of kennel clubs, there are 332 recognized official dog breeds and 11 provisional breeds. They come from 10 different groups, including terriers, sheepdogs, pointers, scent hounds, retrievers, pinschers and companion dogs, all of which come from many different parts of the world.

These breed names are based on many different things, some of which include the country or state in which they are found, what their uses were, the people who discovered them, as well as aspects of their appearance (for example, hairlessness, height, color etc.). As with every other word ever created, these breed names begin with letters, many of which begin with the first letter of the alphabet, "A."

How well do you know your dog breeds that begin with the letter "A"? In this quiz, we'll give you a number of breeds that begin with "A" as well as options that begin with the letter "A." Will you be able to match the breed to its correct name and animal? There's only now way to find out, and that is by taking this quiz!

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