Can You Match the TV Show to Its Leading Car?

By: Marty Sems
Image: Lou Costabile via Youtube / Crockett Car Crash History And Fast & Furious Saga via Youtube / randomchannel137 via Youtube / via Youtube

About This Quiz

"Turbo boost, KITT!" Do those words fill you with excitement, and maybe a touch of nostalgia for the halcyon days of the '80s, when a hot car was all you needed to get at least three or four seasons out of a TV show?  If you've always been the type who paid as much attention to the cars and trucks the stars of the shows drove as you did to the shows themselves, you need to put the key in this quiz and fire it up!

Matching a vehicle to a show is more important than you might know. Can you imagine if Magnum, P.I. had driven around his lush Hawaiian locations in a Honda Civic or a Ford Crown Victoria?  Sure, the 'stache would have still made the show cool, but the wheels Magnum was driving would have made him less than the icon of awesomeness he was.

You might automatically think of the "General Lee" that the Duke boys drove in The Dukes of Hazzard when you think of TV show cars, and for sure it's one of the most iconic (although you won't see it anymore thanks to that Confederate Flag on the roof).  But there are hundreds more vehicles that starred in their shows, and we'll test your knowledge of the most famous here!

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