Can You Identify the NFL Team from One of Their Cheerleaders?

By: Olivia C
Image: Dallas Cowboys/Paul Dobson via Youtube/dbking via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The National Football League, or NFL, won't really be the same without their NFL cheerleaders on the sidelines or in the field. 

While it's not such a fulfilling full-time job, cheerleaders deserve our respect, care and attention. If your favorite football teams are not doing so great, who's there to cheer them on? If the audience reaction is a bit low, who's there to wave up the energy levels? And if the home team wins, who's there to celebrate the loudest? It's always the cheerleaders who bring all of that -- and more!

Cheerleading is no simple feat. These hardworking gals -- and even guys -- put in many hours of rehearsals, perfecting their routines for the audience to see. Sure, they may only be a source of entertainment to ease the lull in between games, but they do more than that. Collectively, they put in the cheers to send off good vibes all around the playing field and in the audience benches. The spirit of the game is carried on by these gorgeous gals and hunky guys. Yes, even guys are also cheerleaders now! So that's really something cool.

So you think you can now identify the teams that these picturesque cheerers cheer for? Then take the quiz and find out!

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