Are You a Master of Everyday Trivia?

By: Olivia Seitz
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It can be hard to find someone who doesn't know simple facts about the world, but when it happens, boy is it surprising! It's the same feeling of astonishment when you find out that someone doesn't like ice cream. Or when you find out that you grew up with a movie star for a friend. Disbelief is an understandable feeling when someone hasn't heard about events or facts that are considered common knowledge. This quiz will test your mastery of common knowledge to see how much you really know!

From elementary school to now, you have collected millions of facts about the world, life, and everything else. While you might not remember your favorite teacher in Kindergarten, we bet you remember your favorite class project from school. Your brain is really amazing when it comes to remembering facts, and everyday, common knowledge facts are the kinds of facts that stick in your memory the best!

Do you remember who invented the lightbulb? Or where to find the Golden Gate Bridge? How about the colors of the rainbow? Now is your time to shine! Take this quiz to test your brain power and prove you're a master of common knowledge facts about the world! 

Which of these colors isn't in the rainbow?

A baguette is a kind of bread originally from which country?

Where is the Golden Gate Bridge located?

During the Revolutionary War, which country did America fight?

Which "Peanuts" character is famous for hauling around his blanket?

What is the head of an orchestra called?

Which author wrote "Pride and Prejudice," "Sense and Sensibility" and other romantic classics?

Which major world religion holds the cow as sacred?

Who is commonly credited with inventing the light bulb?

Which of these classic movies is a Christmas tale about how one man really can make a difference in the world?

What do you call plants that grow back each year on their own?

Finish the phrase: "Red sky at night, sailors' ______; red sky in the morning, sailors take ______."

What is the speed limit on Germany's famous Autobahn?

In musical notation, what is the name of the clef used for most higher notes?

Who is famous for saying, "Veni, Vidi, Vici"?

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