87% of People Can't Name These Greatest Country Bands of All Time From an Image. Can You?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: geopungo via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Put on your Stetson, get out your cowboy boots, practice your line dancing moves and get ready for the greatest country quiz of all time! 

Country music has been ever-present in American music with music historians claiming it started in the 1920s. By the 1940s, many bands had become popular, including family bands and others, particularly those playing bluegrass-based country music. 

And in the 1950s, the genre exploded in popularity thanks to the likes of people such as Johnny Cash, the man in black. Although solo country performers were incredibly popular, so were groups, duos, trios and other forms of bands, including artists and their backing bands.

As country music exploded, so did the culture it enshrined and although cowboy boots and Stetsons were regularly seen on the streets of Nashville or in Texas, they soon began to make an appearance all over the United States.

So now the question is, would you be able to identify some of the greatest country bands of all time, those that have left an indelible mark on the genre?

Some go way back, while others are part of the phenomenon of modern country which has made waves once again.

Good luck! If you get it all right, we tip our hats to you!

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